*Whole Life Wellbeing Coaching Packages.  These transformational online sessions are available in a Quick Start package of 4 sessions, or the Whole Life Transformation 3 month 12 session package for those ready for a deeper, more thorough process and longer lasting change.  Coaching is client led and very individualized.  Please email me or use the contact button for more information and/or to book a free 20 minute discovery session:
In addition to my Digestive Helath specialty, I have an unique focus on working with Midwives and other helping professionals who have a hard time taking care of themselves with the challenges of on call or shift work. Scroll down to learn more about the Thriving On Call program!


Thriving On Call

Do you love what you do?

Do you worry that you might be close to burn out?

Do you want to be able to keep doing what you do for the long haul without burning out or sacrificing your health or your relationships?

Thriving On Call

My 12 week signature program is for midwives and other helping professionals who have to manage their wellbeing without benefit of regular sleep patterns.  You can avoid burnout and set yourself up to thrive by taking more control now.

Sleep deficits and disruptions wreak havoc on our bodies, affecting our gut health and digestion, hormones, mood, immune system, mental capacity and of course energy levels.

Yet many helping professionals feel so stretched already that we find ourselves sacrificing our own self care and nurture.  We keep putting others ( clients, kids etc) first. We too often cope with our lack of sleep in ways that feel like they keep us going but actually pour fuel on the fire of the effects of sleep loss.

Balance is not a reasonable or achievable prospect on a daily basis in the on call life.  But working together we can develop habits and rhythms that support a much better overall work / life / health balance.

Over our 3 months together we will dig deep into where you are now in your life to co-design your personal protocols for food, lifestyle, stress management and more; and strategize together to implement them in a sustainable way.

The support and accountability of working with a coach can make the difference between good intentions that drop exhaustedly to the floor only to make you feel failure, and real lasting change that becomes easily maintained habit over time.

This program includes 12 weekly hour long online sessions,  support between sessions, educational modules, intake form assessment, meal plan & recipe support etc.

If you know you are ready to dive in, you can register and book your first appointment now using the contact button to the left.

Your first appointment should be at least a week away to give you time to complete the initial assessments.

If you would like a 20 minute discovery session to further explore if this program is right for you and if I am a good fit for you as a coach, you can also use the contact button to arrange that.  There is no charge for this session.

Thriving On Call is $1200 for the whole program and all materials and resources.  Payment plans are possible.  There are a few subsidized places for students or others with challenging finances.  Please talk to me to see if we can come up with something that works for you.

Your Whole Life Wellbeing Coach:  Anna Jean Bradley reluctantly retired from clinical practice after nearly 40 years of midwifery.  She experienced the on call life in both primary and shared care models, working both part time and full time in urban and rural practices from Jamaica to Nunavik.  Throughout, she carried a passion for learning and teaching about whole life health, coping with stress, what brings us happiness and more.  She learned tools to help that in turn helped her keep going.  However, she frequently struggled to implement what she knew when exhaustion was in the driver’s seat.  As she studied to earn her coaching certifications and learned more about habits and human behaviour change, she came to believe that she might still be able to be in practice if she had had a coach herself.

Anna Jean is excited about and deeply committed to bringing the combination of evidence supported information, skills, & tools with customized goal setting and consistent long term support to help other professionals enjoy a long and thriving career.

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