Introducing Energy Work

Energy Health, Energy Medicine & Energy Psychology are three overlapping spheres that all utilize and address subtle energies and their rhythms and flows in and around the body, mind & spirit.

Subtle energies have been sensed and systematized for centuries, mostly in non-western cultures (the most obvious exception being the halos of healthy aura depicted by artists around the heads of saints and holy figures), using terms such as meridians, acupoints, chakra, chi and ki.  Only in very recent times have our scientific technologies becomes sensitive enough to begin to confirm much of that traditional wisdom.


Christiane Northrup M.D. & Author:

"In the medicine of the future, as I envision it, working with the patient’s energy field will be the first intervention. Surgery will be a last resort. Drugs will be a last resort. They will still have their place, but shifting the energy patterns that caused the disease will be the first line of treatment. And before that, teaching people how to keep their energies in healthy patterns will be as much a part of physical hygiene as flossing or exercise."

My background in Energy Work goes all the way back to the 70’s when I informally studied Shiatsu (acupressure therapy) and applied it to good result with my family and later, clients.  

Since then I have studied several energy work modalities, teaching Reiki, Energy Health, and EFT (an energy psychology self-help method now often commonly known as "tapping") over many years.   

My energy work treatment sessions are an intuitive blend of modalities and approaches. At present, I am taking further in-depth training in Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) and I have been very pleased with the additional effectiveness the techniques are bringing to my treatments.  I particularly appreciate the emphasis on giving you skills to apply at home to help retrain your energies to healthy patterns and flows.

Sometimes things happen quickly - even dramatically - with Energy Work (perhaps in these cases the body’s striving towards health and wellness has been in fact only held back by an energy blockage), but most of the time, positive effects take a bit of time (and homework) to develop and gel.

Sessions involve both assessment and treatment, and they are an opportunity to teach you simple exercises and routines to help restore healthy energy habits to your body.

Energy practitioners do not diagnose or treat physical symptoms or diseases.  Energy work treats energy disturbances and dysfunctions (which symptoms or disease may help point to).  Relieving these, in turn, supports the body’s natural healing abilities, can help reduce the side effects of medications or medical procedures and reduce recovery time.

Improvement of physical symptoms is common, yet it’s actually more or less a side effect of the energy work!

Energy Psychology (and energy medicine to a significant extent) helps you evolve and retrain your stress reactions in general and to specific triggers.

Energy Work and Focusing combine to create potent personalized paths toward health and wellness, and you are in charge.

What Happens in an Energy Work session?

All energy work sessions take place fully clothed.

Treatments usually take place with you lying on a massage table, and assessments may be standing, seated or lying down.  Eden Energy Medicine sessions begin with some history and assessments and end with demonstrating and assigning homework to help you keep your energy systems running smoothly and/or facilitate corrective repatterning.

The experience of receiving an Eden Energy Medicine treatment is rather like a combination of massage, acupressure, Reiki & Therapeutic Touch.  In other words, at some points the touch is quite firm, at others stable, light, & slow to move and at other times I will be working in the energy field around the body with no direct touch.

Integrated Energy (Reiki plus intuitive energy work) and Eden Energy Medicine treatments are both deeply relaxing and soothing, allowing all your stress mechanisms to reset.

Fees for services

Guided Focusing,  Energy Work or Coaching/Counselling Sessions (50-60 minutes): In person: $95

By Telephone: $75 ( does not apply to energy work)

Low Income / Students / Seniors / Unemployed:

In person: $50

By Telephone: $40

Ready to find out more about Energy Work?

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