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Skin Care from the Garden Up!

Our formulas have been carefully crafted from the finest selectively hand harvested naturally grown botanicals and combined with organic and/or ethically sourced emollient and essential oils.

Although our own products will have only limited availability during the transition to our new locations and the development of our online ordering platform, you can still learn to DIY! Upcoming workshops include: DIY Lip Balms for Holiday Gift Giving


For many years now we have been researching, developing and offering a beautiful line of skin care products that are good for you and good for the earth, Emphasizing

  • Locally grown ingredients (our own whenever possible)
  • Organically grown, raised without chemical pesticides or fertilizers and/or sustainably wildcrafted
  • Fair Trade and/or Ethically sourced non-local ingredients
  • Rich in active ingredients and carefully formulated for maximum skin nourishment
  • 100% free of dangerous petrochemicals
  • Re-usable, returnable or recyclable packaging free of BPA’s personal and household cleaning products too!



A flagship of our Skin Care Line is Lipercalia Lip Balm. Originally named and launched during our local Lupercalia Winter Festival, the name stuck and this lip balm has become a year round favourite. Here is a list of the carefully thought out ingredients:



Calendula Infused Olive Oil: Naturally grown Calendula from Green Heart Gardens and/or Stonegrove Farm infused in extra virgin olive oil. Calendula and Olive Oil are both traditionally used to nourish, heal, soothe and soften the skin. Rapidly absorbed.  

Cocoa Butter: 100% natural ethically traded Cocoa Butter is traditionally used to protect, nourish and soften skin, especially dry, chapped and exposed to the elements. It is easily absorbed.

Beeswax: Locally produced 100% beeswax. Traditionally used to make the skin softer and more supple, and for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It absorbs slowly, forming a protective film that slows the loss of humidity.

Zinc Oxide: Non-nano (nano is a superfine particle that is being questioned as a health risk when inhaled) north american mined mineral powder traditionally used in remedies for chapped skin. Modern research has confirmed its ability to effect a physical barrier against sun damage.

Essential Oils:  These are traditionally used to add refreshing natural scent and introduce stabilizing, antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Ethically produced from organic growers and distillers and/or free from pesticides or chemical fertilizers.