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Anna Jean came from a Foodie family, before the term was coined. Her Grandparents were market gardeners and farmers (as were many of her Aunts and Uncles) and worked as cooks on the Great Lakes Freighters for many years.

Her parents always had a garden while she was growing up, and her mother was a Maestro of from-scratch cooking and hospitality who inspired generations. Her father was a history buff, often taking the family to pioneer village museums, where her interest in medicinal and culinary herbs was sparked at any early age.

Anna Jean’s own children were given ample opportunity to learn kitchen skills and as adults have all participated in food professionally at least at some point.

Out of that came several successful years of running our own local foods cafe: Mimi’s Cafe & Coffee Bar including two stellar years of festival food at Summerfolk music festival.


Through the years, Anna Jean also continued to pursue her interest and knowledge in the various uses of herbs and of complimentary and alternative therapies.

She has been privileged to assist and support individuals and families through powerful transformative and growth processes for over 35 years through her work as a Registered Midwife, Focusing Professional, and Holistic Health Educator with a special interest in botanicals and energy therapies.

A lifelong learner, Anna Jean is currently taking the Herbal Medicine for Women program with Aviva Romm MD. She has completed the Foundation Year Program in Eden Energy Medicine and will be entering her Certification Year Program this year.  She continues to work part-time as a Registered Midwife.

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