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*Now Available!!! Whole Life Wellbeing Health Coaching!! Signature Programs for Midwives and others who have to manage their wellbeing without benefit of regular sleep' and for those who want better gut health and a whole life transformation. Coaching has changed for the better, and so can you!! Free 30 minute discovery call, please click here for more details.

*Online Group and Self Paced Programs. To make everything much more accessible you can now join our programs for Better Sleep, Healthy Habits, Energy & Gut Health Reset, Resilience Building & Intuitive Eating from anywhere! For current and upcoming offerrings see our FB page or subscribe to our 1-2 times monthly newsletter!

*Spring Life Refresh Online Group Program. Starting April 7! Five easy paced weeks to spring clean your inner and outer life and let in more light & fresh air.  Early Bird Discount ends March 15.

*In Person Spring Botanical Medicine Making Class coming right up (hosted at Stonegrove Farm & Wellness Studio just outside of Wiarton)!       Cooking Classes are held in Owen Sound, and Coaching or Focusing sessions can be accessed online from anywhere!

*Our newsletter is now regularly once or twice a month and has resources for your health and happiness, including seasonal recipes! It's a great way to keep up with the latest offerings too, some of which are free.  New signups receive a no-cost bonus one week meal plan (value $25) with tasty seasonal recipes!  Subscribe here.

*Stress busting and deeply relaxing/restorative Eden Energy Medicine one on one sessions have resumed and are held at Stonegrove (see "Services" or book online here)

* Stonegrove will be introducing Weekend Wellness Packages with overnight stays in the coming months!  In the meantime, check them out for therapeutic RMT services, in person and online yoga offerings, and and incredible meat CSA that allows you to support heritage breeds, regenerative agriculture and receive the highest quality meats.

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Green Heart Whole Life Wellbeing has so much to offer!

Please feel free to explore our services, and check out out upcoming events. The popular cheesemaking and medicine making classes often fill up well in advance, so be sure to secure your place!

Free Online Spring Challenge: Life RefreshSeries! 5 Weeks starting March 31st.  At your own pace!


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Hi! I am Anna Jean.

I'm so happy you found us! Even if you live far away, many classes, challenges & group programs are now online, as is Whole Life Wellbeing Coaching! And if you live locally, in addition to the online services you can join in some of our wonderful in person workshops and classes.                             If you want to stay up to date about upcoming events and offerings here at Green Heart Whole Life Wellbeing, you can follow us on FB or Instagram, or feel free to sign up to our  twice a month newsletter. It's loaded with recipes and tips to help & support your wellbeing. We respect your time and will never flood your inbox!  







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Client Comment – Focusing Session

“I felt your presence and staying with me that allowed me to get to get in touch with a part that was having some pain and then shifted. Your reflections were well-timed and accurate."

Client Comment – Focusing Session

"The lead-in was profound and took me much deeper and in better contact with my body. I had a phenomenal sense of the availability of a much larger source of support from within. Powerful and more than a nibble at an underlying struggle!"

Client Comment – Focusing Session

"I felt that if I had tried to work with the larger struggle I would get overwhelmed so I appreciated your guidance in how to take it more slowly. I was grateful for the opportunity to expand my Focusing depth and learn how to stay in contact and give whatever comes up space and time and appreciation. I feel very supported and safe working with you.”

Client Comment – Focusing Session

“I appreciated our initial discussion of what I wanted to work with and that you suggested three different ways we could approach the situation. And then I could choose. I wanted to take advantage of having an experienced guide to learn how to use Focusing to solve a problem and this worked out very well.”

Client Comment – Energy Session

“Anna Jean, thank you for the energy work. I am doing it every day and I truly believe it is making a difference. I am still doing it and it gets me going and in the right frame of mind. Thank you so much."

Client Comment – Energy Session

“A truly holistic experience where every aspect of mySelf was affected. Felt totally relaxed, rejuvenated aligned and light as a feather at the end of the treatment and went through the day floating on air. Can't wait for my next one!”

Client Comment – Energy Session

“Anna Jean has the skill of being able to create and hold the space of support, love and the most positive energy you could imagine. I always feel lighter and more healthy after being with her. She uses her spirit and energy work skills in a way that makes me feel always welcome, full of hope and very well no matter what is happening in my life. She is a gifted healer and energy worker. Thank you, Anna Jean, for all the gifts you have given and shared with me.”

Client Comment – Energy Session

“I slept four nights in a row without waking up before 7:00 (unheard of) and felt totally empowered. Can't thank you enough. I have been talking to a few people about your treatment and have been considering recommending it for people with Alzheimer's because one of my responses was mental clarity. Will certainly spread the word as I am living proof that it works.”

Client Comment – Kitchen Medicines

"Spent an entire day learning about simple kitchen medicines with a very knowledgeable teacher. So many thanks. Would recommend this workshop to everyone and the take homes are fantastic. Keep spreading the word."

Client Comment – Medicinal Medicine Workshop

“I attended Anna Jean's Medicinal Medicine workshop and it was fabulous. She is extremely knowledgeable on this subject with many years of experience. She taught us tricks and tips that you just can't get from books. She provided a delicious homemade lunch and snacks, and also provided tea and coffee. We left with an Echinacea tincture, Elderberry tonic, and Vapo Rub. Thank you for a great experience!”

Client comment – Cheesemaking class

“I had a lovely evening , our host was wonderful and so were her helpers 🙂 I cant wait to make my own cheese ! The food was so yummy and company was great . I will be doing this again for sure ! Thank you again Anna Jean great cooking class !”

Client Comment – Cheesemaking class

“Awesome class!! Great food focused on ricotta cheese, lovely people and fun!! Super way to spend a snowy Sunday afternoon. Thanks for the inspiration and good eats! So glad there are more workshops coming up!”

Client comment – Cheesemaking class

“Lots to learn and great fun making paneer with Anna Jean!”